Operation Injured Soldiers is a tax exempt, Nonprofit organization founded in 2005. We provide recreation opportunities to wounded military veterans of all eras as a “Thank You” for their service, and to aid in the recovery from physical and emotional injuries sustained during conflict deployments.

We know that it is important to help our disabled heroes get back to doing sports and hobbies they enjoyed before being deployed. Our role is to provide events and places where disabled veterans from all wars can enjoy the camaraderie of others.

Our goal is to thank these heroes for their sacrifices with a well deserved break, because we know that such “recreational therapy” produces significant health benefits:

All of this is possible due to the generosity of individual donors, corporate sponsors, and a dedicated team of volunteers. With over 20 Thousand surviving veterans in the U.S. and more coming home every day, we sincerely need your help.

In order to be eligible for participation in our events a veteran must have a 30% disability rating or have experienced combat.

In September of 2007, OIS received our 501© 3 status. Our organization has continued to grow and meet the goal of providing these opportunities to our disabled veterans.